My name is Matt Sundstrom and I'm an Illustrator and Designer.

I fell in love with comic books when I was 13. I was intensely interested in how pictures and words interacted to tell stories. Comic books lead me to drawing, which lead to RISD and then to interactive design where interactivity is allowing for whole new languages of expression to be built out of pictures and words. I've been at it since 2001, and I write a little about it over on my blog.

I work as a Art Director at Instrument where I collaborate with internal teams and clients to discover, concept, design and deploy highly usable, UX experiences, aesthetically beautiful websites, branding, applications and installations.Unfortunately I can't share a lot of my work due to NDAs. What I can show is over here.

My illustration work, books and comics can be found at Fantom Forest.

I'm currently working on a personal project documenting Oregon's coast, volcanic legacy, waterfalls, and rodeo. It's exciting to be 3/4 the way through something that started as a labor of love and exploration and turned into a way to test my skills at photography, illustration and design. The site documents the journey. Check it out.

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