My name is Matt Sundstrom and I'm an Illustrator and Designer.

At 13 I fell in love with comic books and the internet - and I've been attracted to the interplay of pictures, words, and Interactivity ever since.

Drawing led me to the RISD, where I discovered Director, Flash and a whole new language of expression. I spent my twenties working as a Art Director and ACD in digital agencies in New York City.

At 30 I hit the road in search of something different and rode the old Oregon Trail all the way to Portland, Oregon. I rediscovered a love of drawing on my trip and began to regularly publish illustrated books and incorporate drawing into the museum and installation projects I led at Second Story. I bought a old farmhouse, built a studio by hand, explored the length and breadth of Oregon in drawings.

In 2012 I joined Instrument where I collaborate with internal teams and clients to discover, concept, design and deploy highly usable, UX experiences, aesthetically beautiful websites, branding, applications and installations. Drawing continues to play a large role in my day-to-day work; in pitches, story maps and product design. Unfortunately, I can't share a lot of my work due to NDAs. What I can show is over here - and I write a little about it on Medium.

Over the past 14 years I've seen a lot of change in interactive design and I'm as excited about the future now as I was back when I was a kid waiting for the dial-up modem to crank up.

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